Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Henry the Eighth of America:  Hit me with your comments right here, just click on the comment tab and you are good to go. 
Here's a few links to more STRANGe info on King Strang and a few links to cool spots for history in the Northern Great Lakes. 

The Our Land and Culture PDF at this site is excellent!!! 

Masters of Empire, hits on things we should all know to understand our world today and have a real understanding of history.  The role of the native peoples of this country in it's history is tremendous, yet most of us were never taught about it in our schools beyond a few lessons on the Trail of Tears.  This is wrong and it needs to change.  The profound impact of trade agreements and the costs of dealing with a sharp, effective and powerful trading force just isn't a perspective we get in our history, yet it led to the taxes that ticked off so many of our founding fathers.  It is a key cause and effect relationship regarding the founding of the USA and its almost completely veiled in the shadows of our typical founding narratives.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Talk to the Troll: Your Thoughts on "The Custer Effect"

Ole' Custer had a way of stealing the show while alive and that persists through time.  He was certainly a brave and interesting man with a remarkable story. His family history is equally interesting and holds a lesson it would have been great to learn much earlier in our military history. 

Here are some links related to the show, the stuff hidden by "The Custer Effect"  The first one regards the Sullivan brothers and their relation to the Sole Survivor Act.  Hope you enjoyed the podcast, thanks for listening!!  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Talk to the Troll about The Liberty Bell is Sick of Puberty

As you can tell from the podcast, seeing The Liberty Bell and the surrounding exhibits in Philadelphia triggered my overthink and babble a bit reflex.  That said, it is an icon of liberty in a nation full of people who believe in liberty on it's face yet has often and currently struggles with the meaning of liberty, the right to liberty for all and the intent of our founders surrounding all issues related to liberty.   Liberty as an American ideal and founding principle is, has been and will be cracked by the differing views on the meaning of Liberty, conflicts between the ideal of liberty and the compromises of shared governance and all the political pandering surrounding the ideal.  The Liberty Bell is cracked, silent yet symbolic and that is a very disorienting thing for me to deal with.  I do think, if it was a thinking being, it would be quite sick of the divisions considering the very true "ring" the spirit of liberty must have in response to the obviously false "thunk" of voices that argue against it's universal application with the notion that liberty for all means less liberty for others - and it's even more selfish and crappy angle, liberty for all means less for me.  We used that kind of logic to justify slavery, robbing Native American's of their lands despite legal treaties and on many other occasions where we acted in ways supposedly demanded by the situations and demanded by the politics of the times without respect for the liberty of all involved.   I see a lot of that going on now when I hear talk about women's rights, LGBT rights and more.  For me this is an indication of our not growing up and into a society that reflects it's belief in liberty as a rhetorical tool rather than as a practiced ideal.  Liberty as an ideal will not be realized as long as it is used by those with more liberty to limit those with less.  Your thoughts are welcome and thank you for bearing with me on this one!!

Here are some great links to more information on the Liberty Bell and the National Park Service.

Note - That last link from the National Science Foundation is PHENOMENAL and contains even more ringing contradictions about our national symbol of liberty, The Liberty Bell!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Talk to the Troll: Your thoughts about Marie Antoinette Wasn't All Bad

History always becomes more interesting to me when the deeper sides of the people involved are revealed.  Marie Antoinette, on the surface looks like a royal who spent a ton of money and looked out for her luxurious life first and foremost.  Getting into her life story revealed a lot of respectable, strong and fascinating side stories that reveal a person who dealt with life's challenges horribly and very well as she lived a life of unique circumstance and tremendous tragedy.  She certainly displayed attributes of a spoiled royal yet I found plenty of instances where she displayed both successful and failed attempts to lead with responsible nobility.  The ultimate tragic death and pervasive negative narrative surrounding her seems like a politically astute smear campaign that has stuck despite a lot of evidence to the contrary.  She was certainly no great leader yet if the mark of a person is how they behave in horrible situations she did not fit the Marie Antoinette stereotype.  Here are some of the places I found out more info to get you started if you would like to learn more.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Troll the Troll: Yea or nay on the case of Hamilton committing suicide by duel and any other thoughts regarding this episode...

Please use the comments to quickly give a Yea or Nay to the Hamilton case and share your thoughts about these two icons of mutual dislike, Hamilton and Burr.  As promised, here are links to more information and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

I've read quite a bit on the the Hamilton and Burr duel and each of the men and most reflect the common view of Burr as branded by Hamilton and Jefferson.  In my humble opinion only one reflects fair diligence regarding Burr, the rest are all skewed towards Hamilton in both narrative and research. In Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr by Nancy Isenberg, you can jump the stereotype and get to the very well researched and well related truth regarding Burr.  She cut past the hearsay so often cited and got to the actual correspondence between the two as things progressed from insult to guns loaded.  After reading it and checking her research and cross checking it against work of some pretty notable historical writers I furrowed my brow and made shaming faces in the direction of many writers who've covered the subject.  Skip everyone else and read Isenberg to see what taking historical research to the right level really is! 

Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr

For some quick looks just a few clicks away here are some links to stuff on the web:
Finally, dealing with something as serious as suicide in a troll might be seen as disrespecting a very real and serious issue.  It is precisely because it is a real and serious issue that it has a place in history.  I've been struck by the horrible situations preceding murders, death in battle and other forms of death that made me wonder about the mindset of the deceased.  My attribution of motive here reflects a sincere and respectful empathy I have for anyone in a downward spiral. Then, as now, life is frequently hard and bad situations have a way of snowballing.  Then, as now, life is worth living.  History is full of real people overcoming horrible times.  On the off chance this is reaching someone whose interest was triggered by suicidal thinking- call the number below, please.  
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday