Sunday, March 25, 2018

Talk to the Troll: Your thoughts about Marie Antoinette Wasn't All Bad

History always becomes more interesting to me when the deeper sides of the people involved are revealed.  Marie Antoinette, on the surface looks like a royal who spent a ton of money and looked out for her luxurious life first and foremost.  Getting into her life story revealed a lot of respectable, strong and fascinating side stories that reveal a person who dealt with life's challenges horribly and very well as she lived a life of unique circumstance and tremendous tragedy.  She certainly displayed attributes of a spoiled royal yet I found plenty of instances where she displayed both successful and failed attempts to lead with responsible nobility.  The ultimate tragic death and pervasive negative narrative surrounding her seems like a politically astute smear campaign that has stuck despite a lot of evidence to the contrary.  She was certainly no great leader yet if the mark of a person is how they behave in horrible situations she did not fit the Marie Antoinette stereotype.  Here are some of the places I found out more info to get you started if you would like to learn more.

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