Sunday, March 4, 2018

Thank you

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first podcast and , thank you for giving History Troll a chance.  If you are wondering what I could possible butcher worse than Lee’s reputation look for future trollcasts on Vietnam, Obama, Reagan, Big Government,  Alexander Hamilton, Caesar, Benedict Arnold, Hannibal and more.  History like life, contains plenty of perspectives and if you are about different perspectives you will find em right here, so click in for future podasts of History Troll  Also, I’m well aware that there are very good arguments opposing these trolls so please use the comment section to shred my trolls with your own arguments.  Fair is fair, after all.  As you’ve listened this far I hope you had some fun and if that happened , Please check out my next trollcast: Without Benedict Arnold we’d have a Queen.

If you have any idea please hit up the Recommendations page for a link to pass your ideas on! 

Disclaimer, History Troll is not something you should quote in any kind of school paper or academic work.  The views expressed are trolls and are meant to be fun and sometimes they don’t even reflect the true views of the host.  This podcast does not seek to rewrite or overthink anything in a significant way  and almost no real diligence has been used in its creation.  It’s meant to be fun so listen for fun and I’ll see ya down the road. 

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