Sunday, March 4, 2018


Thanks for checking out the podcast and website!   I like to think of this as more trollcasting than podcasting, hence the name, History Troll.  Here feeding the troll is good because it leads to a better understanding of something that shapes and forms our existence as people, history.  You're coming  here with comments, recommendations for future trolls, participation in the contests, and as an interested observer is tremendously appreciated and absolutely vital to this whole thing working. 

Together, we can help each other take our understanding of history into fun and more enlightening territory.  Every Sunday I'll be getting things rolling with trolls designed to rev up critical thinking and drive entertaining  participation. The goal is an internet “marketplace of ideas” where we can have a good time learning from the beautiful idiosyncratic nature of historical truth. Please keep it cool and respectful in the comments and, again, thanks for checking out History Troll and!!

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