Sunday, March 11, 2018

Without Benedict Arnold We'd Be British


  1. Not really a troll-y thought. Not many folks know that Arnold was a crucial leader in our early military successes. I wonder if Quisling had a similar past that has since been overlooked?

    But Arnold was the key factor in our win at Saratoga and Saratoga WAS the critical battle in the middle part of the war and it did lead directly to French involvement which led to the French navy (in a brief spate of competency) gaining sea superiority when we needed it most.

    And I need to learn to shorten my sentences.

    If we lose Saratoga, would there have been subsequent battle that would have had a similar impact? Impossible to say with any sort of accuracy. America would have been at a severe strategic disadvantage, but the French were itching to take another crack at the British. Any victory, however small, might have swayed them to jump into the fray.

    During the furor over Confederate statues last summer, I read an article about how there were no statues to Arnold. There is, however, a monument at Saratoga of a pair of boots honoring his performance there. His name is not on the monument.

  2. Quisling??!!! Another iconic "traitor" brand. I will have to check his history out and look for some more info. I'm not remembering anything notable in his military career or that he really saw much action at all. Based on my own history that probably means there is something there worth looking for! I agree that the French were itching to take any shot at England fortune provided. Saratoga gave Franklin that extra edge to close the deal but it is quite likely that any respectable win would have done the trick. Here's a link to the pic of the monument to Arnold's leg, I completely missed that Arnold's name isn't on that monument, and I'd love to know that back story!! At some point down the road I will be doing a troll regarding how France's helping us in our fight empowered the downfall of the king who helped us. The ROI from the Revolutionary War for France was horrible from a few perspectives, world wars aside. Thank you for your insightful comment, you got me thinking!!