Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Henry the Eighth of America:  Hit me with your comments right here, just click on the comment tab and you are good to go. 
Here's a few links to more STRANGe info on King Strang and a few links to cool spots for history in the Northern Great Lakes. 

The Our Land and Culture PDF at this site is excellent!!! 

Masters of Empire, hits on things we should all know to understand our world today and have a real understanding of history.  The role of the native peoples of this country in it's history is tremendous, yet most of us were never taught about it in our schools beyond a few lessons on the Trail of Tears.  This is wrong and it needs to change.  The profound impact of trade agreements and the costs of dealing with a sharp, effective and powerful trading force just isn't a perspective we get in our history, yet it led to the taxes that ticked off so many of our founding fathers.  It is a key cause and effect relationship regarding the founding of the USA and its almost completely veiled in the shadows of our typical founding narratives.  

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